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Manna doesn’t fall from heaven often and falls on politicians least often of all but after Roy Cooper said he was dead-set against letting Duke Energy add the costs of cleaning up its coal ash ponds to its customers’ electric bills, Governor McCrory pounced – and it was ole Roy’s lucky day.

Last fall, in a poll, I asked a question about the same issue and voters’ reaction to Duke Energy raising their electric bills $10 billion was like a hammer hitting an anvil: By 88% to 2% they said, Hell, No – just like Roy Cooper.

It was one of those rare issues that comes down the pike once in a blue moon – where just about every voter sees red. It reminded me of the Panama Canal giveaway thirty-five years ago when John East, a little known professor from East Carolina University, defeated incumbent Senator Robert Morgan for one reason: Because Morgan voted to give away the Canal.

And Pat McCrory dropped the issue in ole Roy Cooper’s lap, like manna from heaven.


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