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One of our readers wonders whether Vernon Robinson has gone too far this time – with an ad claiming Rep. Brad Miller voted to fund sex research but not body armor. calls the ad “distasteful” and “misleading.” Click here to read its analysis and view the ad:

The website says:

“Robinson accuses…Miller of voting to spend money on silly-sounding sex studies into masturbation, prostitution and arousal of teenage girls while trying ‘to deny our soldiers the body armor they need to save their lives.’

“We find the ad misleading on several counts. Miller did nothing that would have denied body armor for troops. There was no connection between the National Institutes of Health studies in question and funding for body armor. And despite the misleading way the ad belittles them, the sex studies had such stated goals as slowing the spread of AIDS, understanding homosexuality and improving the lives of senior citizens as their sexual function declines.”

Maybe it goes too far. Maybe it won’t work in a Democratic year. Maybe voters will conclude Robinson has no business in Washington.

But Miller’s campaign shouldn’t take anything for granted.

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