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One of Walter Dalton’s biggest challenges is winning Independent women voters in the Charlotte media market. How does he do that? Take them to school.
Dalton can go after on education Pat McCrory two ways.
One, McCrory will rubber-stamp whatever the legislature does to the public schools.
Senator Josh Stein did a good job summing up the damage so far: $650 million in K-12 cuts, eliminating 6,400 teachers and teacher assistants at the same time student enrollment is increasing; eliminating proven programs like the Teaching Fellows; cuts in funding for textbooks, technology in the classroom, PTAs and counselors for children in military families.  Plus the biggest cuts ever to the UNC system, cuts in financial aid, cuts in the community colleges and increases in tuition.
That’s a lot in two years. What’s next?
Two, show that McCrory favors charter schools and private schools at the expense of public schools.
A lot more families have kids in public schools.  How do they feel about taking money from their kids’ schools to support charter schools – or, worse, to subsidize families that send their children to private school? (That’s a subsidy Republicans like.)
Four years ago, there were a lot of Obama-McCrory voters in the Charlotte market. Dalton can’t let that happen again. 


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2 comments on “Ringing the School Bell

  1. dap916 says:

    The state constitution says that we in NC must run a balanced budget. Now, just how is that to be accomplished in a severe down period when revenue into the state coffers is at near record lows? More taxes? C’mon, that’s not going to happen in a recession and when so many of our state’s citizens are struggling to just stay above water and when we have a housing crisis and so forth. So, much as the left wants to say “increase taxes” is the answer, it’s just not, of course. So, the only alternative is to cut expenditures. Now, where is that to come from, exactly? State employees that aren’t absolutely and totally necessary and, of course, teachers and teacher’s assistants are in that mix as are a number of other state-paid professions. Cutting programs means cutting state employees. Raising classroom sizes means cutting teachers. Throttling back on raises to teachers? Yep, that has to happen…we don’t have the money. You wouldn’t raise your kid’s allowance if your spouse lost her job, right? It’d be stupid.

    Pragmatism isn’t a strong suit for most on the severe left. You’ve proven that on any number of occasions.

  2. Carbine says:

    Gary, charter schools ARE public schools! What’s more, if you knew anything about the charter community you would know that there are as many Democrats in charter schools as Republicans, and as many Democrats who send their children to charters than Republicans, not to mention a good many independents. If Dalton is stupid enough to follow your advice and attack charter schools he will only sink even further in the polls.

    As for your other advice, he gains nothing by confirming most people’s suspicions that he is just another Democratic hand puppet for the teachers union. The numbers you and Stein cite are baloney and everyone knows it. The only people who get exercised by reciting them are folks who are going to vote for Dalton anyway.

    But please, don’t stop giving the Dalton campaign free advice.

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