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Democrats contemplating a comeback need to contemplate this. The Republican Party is spending at least $650,000 on “a blistering attack” against Justice Robin Hudson of the state Supreme Court.
Democrats need to face a sobering reality: They are up against a rich and ruthless opponent, one who will spend any amount and say anything to seize and hold power.
You can whine about it, you can complain about money in politics or you can hope that nobody believes an ad that accuses Hudson “of siding with child molesters.”
None of that does any good. There is only one solution, one antidote to the Pope-Koch Axis of Evil. Some rich, hard-headed individual who cares about North Carolina needs to step up, see what works and put up the seed money.
What works are independent-expenditure ads that destroy the opponent. That’s what politics has come to, like it or not.
Art Pope learned that lesson. For 20 years, he pumped millions into the John Locke Foundation. He got nowhere. Starting in 2010, he pumped millions into independent campaigns, and he started winning.
This is not rocket science. But it’s expensive, and it’s a rough game.


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2 comments on “Rich and Ruthless

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, you’re somehow thinking that the radical leftwing viewers that come to TAP here are going to think that democrats in our fair state don’t have rich, white people that donate to their campaigns? hahahahaha C’mon, Gary. This is SUCH a ridiculous post. Yep, republicans have a great many rich people that help conservative candidates. But, who doesn’t know that democrats ALSO have rich people that help liberal candidates?

    The republicans that read your post here know this. The democrats that read your post here are all Rah, Rah…”you tell ’em, Gary”…but in their heart they know the deal. No one is fooled by posts like this, Mr. Pearce. I wonder why you waste your time even writing things like this. Sad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just went to and saw the 4 posts that site owner James Protzman put there about your presentation here, Gary. He started with one post then I guess he had another thought and posted another post then I guess he had another thought and posted another post and then I guess he had one more thought and posted another post. It was kind of comical to see it.

    All of his posts came down to one thing. He lamented the fact that republicans have people that have a lot of money that donate to campaigns for republicans and it was going to be difficult for democrats in North Carolina to counter that. I guess the state isn’t important enough for the likes of George Soros and those like him on the socialist side of the liberal/progressive element within the democratic party.

    It did my heart good to read Protzman whine about how republicans were so strong financially in our fair state. I could almost taste the jealousy and ire.

    I’ve read a number of posts about how well-off Protzman says he is….wonder if he’s pissed off enough to come off his wallet for “the cause”.

    Nah….that’s not what dems do. They go after the money from taxpayers and the indigent and the racial poor with promises. Of course, for decades, none of those promises have ever seen the light of day….but, that’s by design.

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