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Today Renee aired a new radio ad – on top of her TV ad.

In her radio ad Renee repeats her attacks saying George voted against farmers and against the U.S. Army. In her TV ad she says she’s out there fighting for conservative values, for the right to life, for less spending, for a strong national defense, and that she’s taking on Obama.

Let’s take those one at a time:

On farmers she’s attacking George for voting against $750 billion in Food Stamp spending which was in the Farm Bill. On the military she’s attacking George for voting against Obama’s Omnibus budget deal. That doesn’t exactly put Renee on the side of Conservatism.

On Renee’s ‘fighting for right to life,’ well, she’s being opposed by every leading pro-life group – the National Right to Life Committee said, “There is no member of Congress in recent memory who has done greater harm to a major piece of pro-life legislation, while claiming to be pro-life, than Renee Ellmers.”

On Renee’s ‘fighting for…less spending,’ well, she voted for more Food Stamp spending, for the Export Import Bank (which could cost taxpayers $2 billion) and for Obama’s Omnibus Budget Deal. So it seems she’s fighting for less spending by attacking Holding for voting for less spending.

There’s one other new development: Americans for Prosperity, a leading conservative organization, has announced it’s beginning an Independent Expenditure against Ellmers. Here’s their ad.


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