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Tony Rand is Chairman of Law Enforcement Associates, and when he got accused of insider trading he told shareholders there’d be an ‘independent’ investigation – then picked his buddy Lyndo Tippett (the former Secretary of Transportation) to lead the investigation.
About the same time a lady in Florida was suing Rand’s company, saying it didn’t pay her $1.5 million it owes from 2 years ago when LEA bought her company; the lawyer who’s representing the lady from Florida (who’s doing the suing) is Secretary Lyndo Tippett’s son.
So now we’ve got Lyndo on the LEA board, investigating Tony, and Lyndo’s son suing his father or at least the company his father owns 40,000 shares of stock in – and Tony says all that’s fine and no kind of conflict of interest because the Tippetts are unusually independent minded people.
Meanwhile, down in Raleigh, when Governor Perdue’s son asked the state to give one of his clients $9 million in state tax incentives (or subsidies) the Governor announced she was recusing herself – and leaving it up to her aides to decide.
Over at DHHS Secretary Lanier Cansler’s done the same thing:  When a company he’d lobbied for wanted a $24 million no bid contract he said he was recusing himself – and that his staff was handling it.
Now whoever heard of a fellow recusing himself due to a conflict of interest – then picking who made the decision?
Anybody want to guess what happened?


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