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It’s no secret I’ve been supporting my old friend Bernie Reeves in his race against Congressman Brad Miller. Here’s Bernie’s ad:


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3 comments on “Reeves versus Miller

  1. -1 says:

    Looks like the same old ad with different name.

  2. -1 says:

    Welcome back Mr. Wrenn!
    Maybe we can get some facts now.
    Between your Buddy and my ex paper the Greensboro Rag, I have about had it.

  3. -1 says:

    I am a Dan Huffman supporter because of all of the excellent qualities he offers at our service, but please permit me to say a few words about why sadly I won’t be able to support my friend Bernie Reeves.

    Personally, I love Bernie Reeves and certainly think that if he were to find himself elected to the 13thCongDist seat he could/would stir some things up in Congress. Bernie is a creative genius, a great writer, a very successful businessman and a warrior in the good fight for good government, but I wonder if he would be well suited as an elected servant to the people?

    It is difficult for me to see Bernie enduring, what’s more, playing the political game that ‘must be played’ in Congress; sitting in endless committee meetings or hacking out and compromising on legislation that would corrode the virtues of his very soul. I can’t see him subjecting his ‘Own Charming Self’ as a patient, yet persistent trustee and delegate to the people, but instead perhaps in more of the role of an independent claymore welding principled and courageous rugged individualist, holding press conferences, writing press releases, standing in front of the cameras, crying and demanding CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM!! (Not that NC and Congress doesn’t desperately need regular doses of that! ;-).)

    But often one of the side effects of being a soul fighter and creative genius is that you risk being painted and perceived as a loose cannon – Ron Paul fights that stigma still today. That stigma can overcome and replaced by leaders such as Goldwater, Reagan and Paul, if you have endurance, are proven ever constant, doggedly consistent, possess a superior grasp of constitutional principles and purposes, and remain closely attached to the people; but I believe you must possess all of the above.

    Now Bernie is not shy about taking a strong stand, and again, he is creative, driven and successful, but my admiration for his strengths does not impair an observation that he may not possess some of the strengths best suited for trudging through the muck and mire of bureaucratic trenches or the drudgery and discouragement of navigating Congress’s slow, frequently incompetent and corrupted system. Bernie, has beyond a shadow of a doubt proven himself worthy of great respect and appreciation, but I must question his ability to remain constant, diligently consistent and closely attached to the people.

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