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The money-starved Democratic U.S. Senate primary limps to a finish next Tuesday – with a runoff possible and Richard Burr sitting on $5 million for the fall.
Elaine Marshall’s campaign promises a healthy TV buy this week. They hope it will check Cal Cunningham’s comparative blitz of ads.
Her campaign even talks hopefully of winning 40 percent and avoiding a runoff.
Here’s the math: Ken Lewis and the minor candidates have to get more than 20 percent combined to prevent a runoff.
I think that’s unlikely. Lewis has little money for TV. And I doubt his numerous endorsements will deliver many votes.
So the only question may be whether Marshall’s early lead in name recognition – and whatever TV she puts on – can slow down Cal.
In a low-turnout race, a few thousand votes either way could give Cunningham or Marshall a clean win.


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2 comments on “One Week to Go

  1. -1 says:

    In the current political climate, I think Marshall is the candidate Burr’s team is hoping to face. She generates little enthusisam among the Democratic base, will not have access to Washington cash the way Cunningham would have, and with her resume has no outsider appeal whatsoever. In this climate it’s going to be virtually impossible to motivate voters to replace one long-time professional insider with another, especially if the other is a D.

  2. -1 says:

    Marshall’s ad is definitely better. Name ID is the name of the game and her ad should generate that while Cunningham’s ad doesn’t.

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