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He could have been bluffing – like a poker player. Or he could have been maneuvering to gain the upper hand – when he told the Mexican President: Either you agree to pay for the Wall or you cancel our meeting.

After the Mexican President said, Meeting cancelled, Trump threatened him saying he’d put a 20% ‘Border Tax’ on every Mexican import – but was that a written-in-stone edict or another gambit?

Whatever it was Chuck Schumer promptly pounced on Trump saying his ‘Border Tax’ wouldn’t be paid by Mexicans it would be paid by Americans who’d pay more for of everything “from groceries, to cars, to office supplies.” They’d also pay more, Lindsey Graham added, for “Corona, tequila and margaritas.”

Off balance, Trump’s press spokesman said, well, a Border Tax was only one of ‘a bunch of ways’ to make Mexico pay for the Wall: So was Trump bluffing? Making another gambit? Playing poker? There’s no way to know. When Trump speaks it’s like reading tea leaves.


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