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Normally all we hear about is the partisanship in Congress. That Democrats and Republicans are totally embittered toward each other. That they are unable to work together on any issue.

But that changed this week. Both sides of the aisle rose as one. They stood together, liberals and conservatives. They took a brave bipartisan stand against a grave threat to the Republic.

What was it? Terrorism? High gas prices? Global warming? Hurricane preparedness?


Both parties are enraged that the FBI raided the office of a Congressman accused of taking a bribe.

Now we know what unites Democrats and Republicans.

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One comment on “Rare Agreement in Congress

  1. Braxton says:

    So what is next.. Rapes, Murder, DUI’s, and Speeding tickets getting thriown out under seperation of powers.

    Pardon my Southern, but Congress AIN’T royalty.

    Sure the President can’t use cops of any kind to make lawmakers change votes or miss votes, but they were applying laws that apply to everyone in every branch of Goverment from postal worker to the President.

    I hope the Speaker backs off and lets Nancy hang the Democrats with this one. They yell about corruption but big government is corruption’s most fertile soil.

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