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The cat is out of the bag – Bernie Reeves may run for Congress against Brad Miller.
Bernie, who publishes Metro Magazine, is a sort of irrepressible force of nature – brash, charming, outspoken and not at all impressed with a single politician walking around on two feet. I’d buy a ticket to watch a debate between him and Brad Miller. If he announces throw out the rule book and forget everything you’ve ever learned about campaigns – Bernie’s an original and his race would be too and he’s sure to put the fun back in politics.
Bernie’s also got one trait in common with Jesse Helms – he’s fearless. He’s not afraid of a fight. Or to take a stand that’ll hurt him politically. And that’s about the hardest trait to find in anyone in public office.
I can’t think of anyone who’s ever thrown his hat into the political ring who’s less likely to turn into a Washington politician if he’s elected.


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2 comments on “Putting the Fun back in Politics

  1. -1 says:

    Yeah, it’ll be fun alright.

  2. -1 says:

    That will make two of us, Carter, that will buy tickets to a debate between Bernie and Brad Miller…..I want a seat on the front row!

    Bernie Reeves is the sort off guy we need in Washington to shake things up. I can’t think of a better person to send up there who would fight for our interests….the interests of individuals, not those of the state (or trial lawyers).

    Run, Bernie, Run!

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