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First President Obama retreated under Sarah Palin’s “death panel” attack.
The Great Communicator couldn’t communicate how ludicrous the attack was. The provision actually was proposed by a Republican. It would have reimbursed doctors who advised patients about leaving instructions for how they want their end-of-life decisions made. Something everybody should do. It spares families much agony and expense.
But that provision was never at the heart of health-care reform
The “public option” is. And Obama seems to be wavering even there.
Big mistake.
When you’re in a big fight, you need a big idea to fight for. The public option is clear, simple and one of the few understandable reforms provisions in the reform bills.
Plus, it motivates Obama’s supporters.
It’s the fight he should want. If he ducks it, he’ll regret it.


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One comment on “Pulling the Plug?

  1. -1 says:

    The inclusion of public option is to health care reform what sugar is to a brownie, or what yeast is to leaven bread. Got to have it!

    Charles Malone,
    Candidate for NC Senate Dist. 15, 2010

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