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Winner: Campaign Symbols

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are holding their Unity Rally in – no kidding – Unity, New Hampshire.

Apparently they could not find a place called Change. And Bill Clinton owns the deed to a place called Hope.

Loser: Edwards for Veep

Elizabeth Edwards publicly questioned whether Obama should have opted out of the public campaign financing system.

She made the remarks from the Edwards home in Chapel Hill during a video conference hookup about the Internet in politics.

The New York Times reported that “toward the end of the interview, her husband wandered into view, seemingly surprised to find his wife being interviewed.”

Loser: Charlie Black Tells the Truth

Black, a senior adviser to John McCain, proved the truth of Kinsley’s Rule.

Propagated by commentator Michael Kinsley, the rule says, basically, that politicians usually get in more trouble for telling the truth than telling a lie.

In this case, Black said another terrorist attack on the United States would be an “unfortunate event,” but “certainly it would be a big advantage to him,” him being McCain.

Actually, that may not be the truth. What would Americans think if there is another terrorist attack after McCain/Bush assured us that their Iraq strategy is making us safer?

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