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At times like this I consult my friend Boweaver. Now 90-something, he’s seen it all. He grew up in the Depression, enlisted in World War II and would be happy if FDR had lived forever and stayed President. His counsel generally keeps my head from exploding. He wrote back:

“Who cares if Trump called some countries ‘shitholes’? Who cares if Fox and fans cheer him for ‘not being politically correct,’ ‘telling it like it is’ and ‘talking the way real Americans talk’? Who cares if every day he demeans people, defiles the Presidency and debases America?

“Yes, he’s a foul-mouthed buffoon. Yes, he’s ignorant, insulting and incompetent. Yes, he’s an embarrassment to our country. But we’ve always had fools and frauds in high places, and we survived them. We had MacArthur, McCarthy, Cohn, Wallace, Thurmond and Helms – a whole string of Trumps. For gosh sakes, we had Nixon as President and his crowd of crooks and goons. We survived them all, and we had the good sense and good luck to have Truman, the Kennedys, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Obama, Sanford, Hunt, Price, Hagan, Cooper and Stein.

“I didn’t have any use for Eisenhower, Reagan or the Bushes – they were always for the rich man and never for the little guy – but they were patriots and honorable men who cared about their country. And they knew the words to the national anthem.

“Now we’ve got Trump, and we act like it’s the end of the world. But no. For all our faults and all our mistakes and all the times we’ve followed the wrong leaders, the American people are always better than this.

“We put up with a lot, because we’ve got a lot going on – families and jobs and bills and homes and whatever aches and pains and illnesses and losses and tragedies and personal and family problems we have to deal with. But, in the end, we’re good and decent people, and – just like Churchill said about us – when we’ve exhausted every alternative, we’ll do the right thing.

“We’ll get rid of this SOB and all the SOBs around him, just like we got rid of the rest of those SOBs.”



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