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As Governor McCrory paddles furiously to stay afloat, it becomes clear that Senator Berger sold him down the HB2 river.

This is a three-fer for Berger: (1) He makes his base happy; (2) he screws his enemies in the cities and (3) he punches a hole in McCrory’s reelection boat.

Why does Berger want McCrory to lose? Because he wants to be the most powerful politician in North Carolina, and he can’t be while McCrory is Governor.

So he pushed the flush button and tossed McCrory into the maelstrom. Poor Pat was still flailing on national TV Sunday.

He said on Meet the Press that he had to sign the bill before April 1. But earlier he had said the legislature could wait until the session next week.

He said Sunday we need a “dialogue” on the issue. But there was no dialogue before he signed the bill.

He criticized Charlotte for “government overreach.” Well, HB2 is nothing but overreach.

Finally, he left us all wondering: What exactly is an “African-American buffet restaurant”?



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