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One reason politics (and state legislatures in particular) are fascinating is they put an endless parade of foibles in a fallen world on display every day. There’s probably no place on earth better to study sin or foolishness than a state legislature.
Since way back when, political wheel-horses in Raleigh have been quietly rewarding contributors with appointments to the UNC Board of Governors – but, up until now, no wheel-horse has ever said in writing the reason he appointed someone was because they contributed money to their campaigns.
Thom Tillis’ email – that landed on the front page of the News and Obversorraises a litany of questions: Was it legal? I guess prosecutors are going to answer that question. Did Tillis not see it was wrong? And, if he did, why did he send that email anyway?
Which foible was at work when Thom Tillis pressed send and shot that email to legislators? Blindness? Foolishness? Mendacity? Hubris?
One thing’s for sure – the old-Adam will trip a fellow up every time.



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2 comments on “One Thing's for Sure…

  1. dap916 says:

    To steal your headline: “One thing’s for sure”….Tillis is an idiot.

    Next issue.

  2. Reaganite says:

    The good thing is that we find out about Tillis’ tin ear long before there is any danger of him getting the nomination, unlike Akin in Missouri. Tillis has previously demonstrated the same thing with the inappropriate way he handled the sex and influence scandal in his office involving two of his staffer including his chief aide and roommate.

    Tillis, like Akin, should have a sign constantly in front of them saying ”caution, put brain in gear before engaging mouth (or email)”. Tillis clearly lacks the savvy to be a candidate for major office.

    If Tillis were the nominee, his antics in the legislature will be the subject of many Democrat campaign ads, and that has the potential to hurt us in legislative races as well as the US Senate race. A deluge of such ads could skew legislative races, with no good way for Republicans to answer them. Any thinking legislator would NOT want Tillis as the Senate nominee.

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