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A TAPster offers a creative solution to gun violence:
“The eventual outcome of the approaching debate about gun control – regardless of that outcome – is unlikely to satisfy anybody. Gun owners will chafe at new restrictions, control advocates will cry that more should be done, and people will continue to be shot.
“So, let’s try another idea: Tax the hell out of bullets.
“The tax on every bullet should be at least triple the tax on every cigarette since death by bullet is quicker than death by deliberately and joyfully inhaling toxic smoke. We’ll never outlaw guns, so we might as well stuff the government coffers with easy money.
“A bullet tax won’t hurt folks who want a weapon for self-defense and need only a few dozen bullets to do that job.
“Who needs thousands of rounds of ammo unless you’re invading a small country or fighting off an invasion of your own?
“And, seriously, who will suffer from a bullet tax? Only hunters who are so inept they need an automatic weapon and a 100-bullet magazine to gun down unarmed wildlife. It also might hurt the folks who enjoy mindless target practice at a shooting range.
“And yeah, it might slow down crazy people with murder on their minds.”


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2 comments on “On Target

  1. Carbine says:

    Only one of Gary’s friends could have come up with such a ludicrous proposition. And only Gary would have thought it a “creative solution.”

    In the first place, the political opposition to an outrageous tax on ammunition would be exactly as vociferous and powerful as any effort to further restrict the right to bear arms. Secondly, people who own firearms OUGHT to spend time practicing with their weapons at the firing range–or do you think that we are all more safe if gun owners never attempt to load and fire their weapons until they are in an actual emergency?

    Lastly, does anyone seriously think that someone crazy enough to gun down a bunch of school kids would be the least bit deterred by having to pay more per bullet? Most of these nutcases either kill themselves in their rampages, or make the police shoot them (when they finally show up). None of them are the least bit concerned about their financial bottom lines. So this tax solution offers no solution whatsoever, but then, I suspect that’s not really why Gary’s TAPster proposed it. “Hurting” people he doesn’t like or understand seems to be a much higher priority for this TAPster than finding real solutions. But that’s par for the course for Gary’s crowd.

  2. dap916 says:

    You have to be kidding, Gary. Your “Tapster” and you honestly believe that putting a heavy tax on ammunition can have an impact? I mean, yeah, I know that you lefties leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding things to tax…but thinking that heavily taxing ammunition will somehow lessen gun violence is ludicrous. Guns are expensive…but these “crazy people with murder on their minds” (as your so-called Tapster put it) seem to always find a way to have them. Think expensive ammunition will somehow slow them down? You know not.

    I’m thinkin’ you wish you wouldn’t have posted this, Gary. I mean, after you posted it and read it here on the front page, didn’t you think it was kind of weak? C’mon, you did, didn’t you?

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