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The other day while I was having lunch with one of Raleigh’s Democratic wizards he said, You know a lot of people believe the Senate Republican Caucus has captured the Chamber of Commerce and turned it into an appendage of its political committee.

I said, How’s that? and he explained the Democrats, rooting through contribution reports, had discovered Senate President Phil Berger’s on the board of the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee (RLCC) in Washington, and that the National Chamber had given Berger’s group’s sister group the Republican State Legislative Committee (RSLC) $600,000, then a NC insurance company had given the sister group another $100,000, then, finally, the RSLC had given $900,000 to Justice for All NC a Republican group that ran ads to defeat Democratic Supreme Court Justice Hudson by saying she’d sided with child molesters in a Supreme Court case. I asked:
So did you find any proof Senator Berger was behind that ad?
He said the ad had been made by the same folks who make ads for the Senate Republican Caucus then added the NC Chamber had contributed $200,000 to still another group that ran ads to defeat Hudson and, after the primary, Senator Bob Rucho sponsored a bill to give Chamber members like pharmaceutical companies legal immunity when they sell bad drugs. I asked:
So you don’t think that was simply good policy?
Do you think, he said, it was sheer coincidence?


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2 comments on “Old-Fashioned Back Room Politics?

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, you didn’t actually get an answer to your question: “So did you find any proof Senator Berger was behind that ad?”

    Everything else you said, Carter, is just “everything else” you said.

    What was the answer to your question? Did you get one other than some response about ads made by folks that made other ads? Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So, Carter, you are trying to publish a Democrat smear that is pure speculation, and to try to give it credibility?

    I have noted a number of your posts that are hard on the Senate and others that are soft on Hudson. What is your agenda? Does this have some connection to your clients?

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