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There were a lot of folks patting themselves on the back in the newspaper the other morning: The head of the LGBT Human Rights Committee sat down with the editors of the News and Observer and told them, ‘HB2 doomed McCrory.’

However, the Reverend William Barber, head of the NAACP, didn’t see it the same way: Barber told the N&O his ‘Moral Monday protests planted the seeds of McCrory’s defeat.’

Both were saying, I did it. But neither asked why – if HB2 and Moral Monday protests sunk Pat McCrory – they didn’t also sink Republican legislators. Did voters vote against McCrory because of HB2 then turn around and vote for legislators who adamantly supported it?

The other day Rob Christensen wrote a column pointing out Pat McCrory’s poll numbers plummeted six months after he took office and stayed underwater for the next 39 months – long before HB2 walked onto the stage.

There’s also the fact that Roy Cooper raised $8 million more than Pat McCrory – but no one mentioned that. Instead Reverend Barber and the HRC’s President, like an dueling duet, sang:

“I did it.”

“No, I did it.”

“HB2 did it.”

“No, Moral Monday did it.”

There just wasn’t enough glory to go around.


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