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New Orleans hasn’t recovered from Katrina. Nor has George Bush.

And neither one’s prospects look good.

Bush has never recovered politically because his actions in the storm’s aftermath burned an indelible image in the nation’s mind: an aloof, disengaged patrician totally unable to grasp the suffering of thousands of Americans.

No one can imagine Bill Clinton doing that. Or Ronald Reagan.

But Bush did. And a year’s worth of spinning since hasn’t change the image. Nor will this week’s photo ops. Nor will anything.

Once people get a glimpse of the truth, they won’t get fooled again.

Of course – in the immortal words of Barbara Bush – this may be working out quite well for some people: the Republicans.

The depopulation of African-Americans in Louisiana may accomplish what Bush and Karl Rove could never do: turn it into a red state.

But Bush has written his page in history – or, more to the point, painted his picture.

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2 comments on “No Shelter from the Storm

  1. mgrady says:

    Where to go from here?

    How many natural disasters has this country dealt with in the past? They are definetely quite difficult to handle and also case-specific, but come on! There is a city that lies in the hurricane zone that is also below see level. Shouldn’t you be prepared for something like this to happen. Where are this administrations priorities set? I think we all know. If terrorism is such a huge threat, as the administration wants us to think, does it outweigh the threat of a natural disaster? If our natural security is utterly dependent on the state of democracy in Iraq, then does it supercede the well-being of citizens here in the United States?

    Neglegance is the word of the day. Congress has been working fevorously to fix FEMA, in other words, correct their neglegance.

    Please refer to this link to a Congressional Research Service Report about FEMA reorganization: []

    Is our economy second tier as well? I hope that the nation will realize the mistake they made when they chose to reelect a President with an administration that doesn’t believe in reaching to the other side of the fence. Mind you, this is not a wanton attack on the President, I would emplore people to stay away from this, shouting matches and unintellegent attack are base and unproductive. What I am doing is more evaluative and comprehensive.

    I hope that Republicans and Democrats can analize what has happned during the last two administrations and realize that you cannot run an effective government by touting party mottos and trying convey this super-image of a ultra righteous Napoleon for your party.

    A bi-cameral, 3-branch government was designed by the founding fathers for a reason. This reason was to force the members of the federal government into consensus building. This is the only effective way to operate. Our country will advance by leaps and bounds if the people we elect to represent us will realize this and actualize it when they are acting on our behalf.

  2. jstegall says:

    “If terrorism is such a huge threat, as the administration wants us to think, does it outweigh the threat of a natural disaster?”

    Let’s see: terrorists killed nearly 3,200 in less than two hours on September 11th, 2001. Katrina killed what, maybe a thousand, over the course of several days.

    Add to that the fact that not a single one of those killed by Katrina should have still been in the city when it hit (we’re looking at you, Nagin and Blanco), and I don’t see where there is any possible arguement about where our national priorities ought to lie.

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