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One poll has Hillary leading by nine. Another by ten. Another fifteen. The last fifteen national polls on Real Clear Politics all show Hillary leading.

So is it a Hillary bump? A Trump dip?

Is the die cast? Will the dip pass? Or get worse?

Most Democrats look on Trump’s demise as revealed truth, a meltdown destined to grow worse, while most Republicans view it as a glitch, a bump in the road: The ship, they say, will right itself.

But what if Hillary does win the Presidential Election by fifteen points? No Democrat has done that since Lyndon Johnson – and in that election Democrats rolled to victory in 27 of 34 Senate Seats and gained 37 seats in the House.

No one can read the tea leaves. Or see into the future. But if we’re watching the beginning of a Trump meltdown, Republicans are facing a kind of election they’ve never seen before.


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