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My late father was a dyed-in-the-wool Franklin D. Roosevelt Democrat. He liked to tell this story about why.
Jim had a lot of reasons to admire Roosevelt: His family was hit hard by the Depression, and FDR gave them and families like them help and hope. He passed Social Security to keep older people out of poverty. He started the Manhattan Project, which led to Harry Truman dropping the bomb, which Jim always said saved his life, because otherwise he would have been in the invasion of Japan.
But it was more than that.
Jim was born in 1927. When he started first grade at Ahoskie, N.C., elementary school, there was a picture on the wall of the President. It was Franklin Roosevelt. The year Jim graduated from high school, there was still a picture on the wall of the President. It was still FDR.
When that picture stays on the wall through 12 years of school, through a Depression and a World War, I guess it stays with you.


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One comment on “More FDR

  1. Anonymous says:

    In those days poor people were really poor, unlike the poor of today who live better than most middle class in other countries, thank God for capitalism. A great story, but it reminded me of something, I once heard my grandmother say that in those days school only went through the 11th grade. Roosevelt would still have been president, but I think school only went to the eleventh grade.

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