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It’s one thing for Mitt Romney to dis the Brits at their Olympics. It’s another thing altogether to distance himself from his wife’s role in the Olympics. Together these are disturbing signs of a man who doesn’t want us to see who he really is.
Romney’s disastrous NBC interview in London got attention mostly for his coldly critical appraisal of the Olympic preparations. He seemed to be saying: “They’re not as smart as me.”
His campaign, which had been boasting about how he understood the shared “Anglo-Saxon heritage” of America and the U.K., had to backflip and start spinning that real Americans don’t care what Brit twits think. A high degree of difficulty there.
Less noted were the gyrations Romney went through to act like he didn’t know the first thing about his wife’s involvement in Olympic “dressage,” which apparently is a French word meaning “horse dancing.”
He professed not to know when the event was, nor have any interest in such a fancy-dancy rich people’s event nor intend to pay any attention to it at all. But, in fact, he attended an Olympic qualifying dressage event in 2008, and he and his wife took a $77,731 loss on their 2010 tax returns for their share of their horse’s care.
This is all of a piece with Romney distancing himself from another crucial part of his life: his religion. He obviously is a man of serious faith, but no way is he going to tell us about it.
Again, he suspects many Americans don’t like that part of him. So instead of explaining it to us, he tries to hide it from us.
This is a man who (1) leads a life totally alien to that of most Americans, (2) knows it down deep and (3) is dishonest with us about it.
Not good qualities in a President.


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2 comments on “Mitt's Horses**t

  1. dap916 says:

    Yeah…I saw that very same thing posted in a diary by one of the front pagers on Daily Kos.

    Got something for us that comes from just you, Gary?


  2. Carbine says:

    Really? Let’s take a look, shall we, at the “life experience” of one B. Hussein Obama and see how ‘typically American’ it is. Oh wait, better not–anyone who questions the Obama story is automatically a racist, a bigot, a zenophobe. Never mind his bizzare international upbringing, his long personal and professional associations with the likes of terrorist Bill Ayers, life-long devotion to a church and preacher whose signature call to the faithful is “god damn America!” , his lack of ever having worked at a regular job a day in his life, his fraudulent ‘autobiography’, and the fact tht the only thing we really know for sure about him are the things he’s been caught trying to hide–like his views on average Americans, those who cling bitterly to their guns and their God, or his intentions for governing after the election, which he shares with Russian dignitaries but not with us. Yeah, he’s a regular All-American guy all right!

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