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To quote Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles, “What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?”
What is politics coming to when a deeply conservative Deep South Senator rallies black Democrats to win a Republican primary? When a GOP bridge-builder beats a fire-eater? When a big spender beats a budget slasher? When a courtly white-haired DC insider beats a take-no-prisoners Tea Party outsider? When GOP Washington PACs pour big money into turning out blacks and Democrats?
We have left the gravitational pull of Earth.
Thad Cochrane’s narrow victory was the opposite of Eric Cantor’s landslide defeat. But the cause was the same: Democrats and Independents voting in a Republican primary. Or, as some Republicans might say, interfering.
Cantor tried to out-Tea Party the Tea Party candidate. He moved right and lost. Cochrane went the opposite way. He moved left and won. He actually grew the electorate from the primary turnout.
Maybe there’s a lesson for those who bewail today’s polarized, hyper-partisan politics. Maybe politics should use some more openness – and competition. Like opening up primaries to more voters. Ending gerrymandering. Even getting more people to vote.
The results will be entertaining, if nothing else. 


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2 comments on “Mississippi Rising

  1. Anonymous says:

    As so often happens, Gary, you have got a very heavy spin on your ”facts” to put it politely.

    In Mississippi, the Republican National Senatorial Committee, and some establishment Senators like Mitch McConnell and Orrin Hatch dumped in money to turn out liberal black Democrats to vote in a Republican primary to steal the nomination from the candidate whom actual Republican voters clearly preferred. They used robocalls to black Democrat voters telling them to vote against the Tea Party and FOR OBAMA by turning out to vote in the GOP primary for Cochran. As a result 9% of those who voted in the GOP primary were liberal black Democrats who will never vote Republican in November. With those interlopers voting, Cochran squeezed by with 1% but if only legitimate Republicans were voting McDaniel would have won by 8%.

    In Virginia, an actual analysis of where the vote surge came from shows that it came from precincts which normally vote Republican in November, NOT from Democrat precincts. Yes I know that the pollster who constructed a crappy turnout model tried to do a poll to claim it was Democrats voting that elected Brat, but that was a transparent attempt to cover up his own incompetence. You like that concocted analysis because it fits your spin, but it was merely a lame attempt to cover up a pollster’s incompetence.

    The Virginia result was from grassroots Republicans standing up and being counted. The Mississippi result came from a corrupt GOP establishment violating Mississippi law to steal the GOP primary with ”rent a voters” who are NOT Republicans. The establishment brazenly goosstepped over the GOP grassroots in Mississippi.

    What will be the result? I see talk online of running an independent conservative in November in Mississippi. I also see conservatives saying that the establishment has blown any notion of party unity sky high by their frauds in Mississippi, and many conservatives now feel no obligation to support establishment GOP candidates in Mississippi or elsewhere. The morons in Washington DC may have snatched a defeat in 2014 out of the jaws of victory. Party loyalty is being replaced among conservatives with a desire to get even, and that may be disastrous come November. The Republican Party may suffer grieviously for Haley Barbour’s mad drive to protect his lobbying meal ticket Thad Cochran, and his pulling others in DC along with him. The establishment has crossed a line that changes everything, and this is one genie that will be hard to put back in the bottle.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The only real conclusion to me from this election was the complete destruction of any class, or principals left in the former Republican Party. They lost me this time. Guess I will forever be an independent.

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