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No one was much surprised when John Edwards fessed up and said he was the father of Rielle Hunter’s daughter – but nothing involving John Edwards ever seems to run along the straight and narrow path and sure enough there was an odd line in Edwards’ confession that twisted contrition into a knot.
Here’s what the News and Observer reported: “Edwards finally admitted Thursday he had fathered Francis Quinn Hunter, the daughter of his former mistress Rielle Hunter. The day before, he pulled on a pair of blue jeans and headed for Haiti. “He took a sleeping bag; he had no return ticket.”
Now, why on earth would John Edwards – in the middle of a confession – have his P.R. people tell the press he was headed to Haiti with a sleeping bag and no return ticket?
I suspect it is because John Edwards’ cardinal sin isn’t adultery – it is vanity.  He can’t stop praising himself – or paying P.R. people to paint a portrait that has him possessing a spirit and compassion so noble and profound and burning he rushed to Haiti with no way to return home.
But what happened to that same compassion when it came to the simpler and more profound duty of acknowledging his own daughter?
John Edwards hasn’t turned over a new leaf. He’s simply demonstrated he’s the walking, breathing, talking caricature of a vanity so boundless it would make Snow White’s stepmother blush.


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4 comments on “Mirror, Mirror…

  1. -1 says:

    I saw Edwards Sunday at RDU, apparently returning home from Haiti. It appeared he left his sleeping bag therei.

  2. -1 says:

    Actually John-Boy made a quick 48-hr trip to Haiti. According to WRAL, he flew down to Haiti Thurs. Jan. 21, the very day his PR spokesperson Joyce Fitzpatrick sent out the press release, acknowledging that Edwards was indeed the baby daddy to Quinn. Somehow mysteriously TV cameras were at-the-ready when Edwards landed in Haiti. There people were dying in the streets of Port-au-Prince, but Fitzpatrick managed to lasso up some TV reporters – amazing skill set there.

    He spent one full day in Haiti, then flew back Sat. Jan. 23.

    The brevity of the trip was not reported by the Raleigh N&O – I expect their political “reporters” were still too emotionally distraught to pass on this little item.

    Now perhaps, Red, when you saw Edwards at RDU, he actually had made another quick trip to woo Bunny up in Virginia. Just wondering, that’s all.

    What a craven political opportunist. You think he can’t go much lower, but to use the suffering in Haiti to somehow put a little spin & polish on his rotten reputation is one of the worst ploys I’ve ever seen.

  3. -1 says:

    I’ll never forget how my politically sophisticated Democrat friends in Raleigh looked at me when I first expressed my opinion of the then up-and-coming Edwards as a complete phony, lo these many moons ago. You would have thought I had just called Jim Hunt a Communist. Now, these are smart, in-the-loop people who had met the man (I hadn’t) and had been around politics and politicians all their adult lives, and they were absolutely certain that John Edwards was going to be the greatest Tar Heel politician since James K. Polk. One would have thought they would have been the first to spot an empty suit.

    Looking back on it I realize that they couldn’t see what was so blindingly obvious to me because they were staring into the bright lights of money, good looks, and leftist ideology. Those are factors that hold an endless fascination for the political class, and they are always far more suceptible to being taken in by a candidate that has them than the average Joe. They were so focused on the presence of those three things they couldn’t detect the absence of virtually everything else.

  4. -1 says:

    A liberal/progressive/de-facto socialist is invariably agnostic or atheist, or adheres to some Eastern philosophy like Buddhism or some New Age vague “spirituality” (like Rielle), or is a nominal Christian – he (I detest the awkward “s/he” etc.) may warm the pew of a mainstream Protestant denomination, while half-heartedly reciting the Nicene Creed, or may espouse liberation theology in a particular (certainly not all) Roman Catholic church or group, where Jesus comes in a distant placeholder to Che & Marx, and the lofty goals of “social justice”.

    After all, what rational person believes the words of the Creed – that Jesus Christ did indeed die, and then was in fact resurrected? Only the crazies in the Pentecostal churches, or the buttoned-up teetotaler Southern Baptists, or the members of a “non-denominational” church meeting in some drafty warehouse. It is the unspoken belief among “Christian” progressives that of course Jesus was a good man, and that doing “church” is really about doing good – it’s not about true redemption & worship of the God who is the Alpha and the Omega. Many mainstream churches tolerate pure heresy (ret. Bishop John S. Spong, the most glaring example), without a qualm.

    Whether Republican (like Bush 43), or Democrat (like Obama), progressives laud “faith”: “faith-based” organizations, how important “faith” is to their lives, etc. Obama recently disclosed how “faith” is important to him daily – he has a devotional that he reads from his Blackberry, that includes selections from “faiths” other than Christianity. And Edwards has paid lip service to the importance of “faith” in his life. Faith in what, exactly, is the question. Faith in Voodoo gods, or Krishna, or some Wiccan god and goddess, or Allah? But an amorphous “faith”, without a defined object (as much as one can define God), does not really satisfy the believer.

    What happens to the “infinite abyss” then within man? That hunger for something Other, for the Divine, does not disappear. So often that void is filled by a human savior – some bright shiny incarnation of goodness – be it John Edwards or Obama. And that person, who is really only a limited, sinful human being, becomes the sum of all the qualities that should be attributed to God – mercy, compassion, justice … in a Feuerbach-ian fashion.

    Somehow I don’t see most Christian conservatives doing the same with someone like Sarah Palin. Even though she has her fans, she doesn’t inspire the same slavish devotion that Edwards did & Obama still does. The Christian who knows that only the triune God, through the Father, Holy Spirit, and Son Jesus Christ, is without reproach, has a much more realistic view of the foibles of human nature, and the dark secrets of the human heart.

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