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I don’t know Ruffin Poole well, but he never struck me as a fellow who posed a physical danger to the populace.
So why did the feds force him to make a well-photographed “perp walk” in cuffs?
I put that question to a Democratic lawyer friend of mine who has done considerable work in the federal courts.
He said the feds are sending a message to anybody who works in state government: Violate the law – and the public trust – and this could be you.
That would get my attention.


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One comment on “Handcuffed

  1. -1 says:

    Everyone arrested gets handcuffed. That has to be the policy, because if it weren’t then you would have endless arguements over who should be cuffed and who shouldn’t, and eventually someone the cops opted not to cuff would do something stupid and they’d be forced to change the policy back to what it is now.

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