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Election victories always carry the seeds of defeat. Because winners too often can’t help but overreach.

Look at George Bush after 2004, Newt Gingrich after 1994, Bill Clinton after 1992. Go all the way back to FDR trying to pack the Supreme Court after his historic landslide in 1934.

Mayor Charles Meeker’s new City Council majority could be headed the same way over the tear-down issue in Raleigh.

Opponents are mobilizing. Like this email:

“Your help is needed!! Without your action, the value of your home will soon be dropping and your property rights will be severely limited!! Many businesses will be shut down and thousands of people will lose their jobs! Raleigh’s vibrant economy will be harmed and the city’s income and tax base to pay for new schools, roads and parks will be declining rather than increasing!”

Double-exclamation marks!! These people are mad!

Never underestimate passion in politics. If Meeker & Co. do, their excellent adventure could get off to a rough start. And plenty of enemies are lurking in the bushes for a chance to pounce.

Meeker will have to decide whether he’ll risk his mandate on stopping the McMansion movement.

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