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Gary is taking a break from blogging.  Today’s pinch-hitter one of our Tapsters.
The choice of a press secretary is a blip on the personnel radar of North Carolina’s new governor, but this choice provides insight into the kind of governor Pat McCrory may become.
McCrory’s choice for media mouthpiece has plenty of GOP experience in DC and in places like Nevada and, for goodness sakes, California.
It seems the Governor would be better suited if a key staffer like this had spent more time in Mint Hill and Pink Hill than on Capitol Hill, and had been ordering off the menu in places like Lexington, Wilber’s and Wanchese rather than D Street’s snooty Monocle Restaurant. And it seems like a Governor who’s talking about job creation would create one for someone who already pays taxes in this state.
This choice makes it obvious that McCrory wants a press secretary who’s more adept at navigating tricky GOP messages than navigating Tar Heel back roads.



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