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Eric pointed to the word ‘backlash’ and said, They put a picture of a Black minister, sneering, beneath a headline saying ‘backlash’ then quote the ACLU as saying Black preachers want to punish gay people because of who they love.


A trio of amenable grunts rose from the end of the table then out of pure mischief Conor said, You got an objection to the ACLU saying those Black preachers want to punish gays? and Eric said, Mata Hari, and Conor frowned,  You see a connection between Mata Hari and a Black preacher in Fayetteville?


Eric pointed to the photograph of the preacher. The way he sees it a man and woman stand up in his church and say ‘I do’ then the sacrament goes to work joining their souls – and he can see one other thing too: That doesn’t happen with a mother’s love or brother’s love or when Mata Hari diddles a married French Count and he’s sure not going to sit still and let a federal judge tell him he’s wrong because he doesn’t see two gays in love as a marriage.


Conor opened his mouth to argue the preacher had confused matrimony and Holy Matrimony but right then on the wall behind Eric’s shoulder two politicians came on television waving their arms one saying Attorney General Roy Cooper was dead-right to stand up for gay marriage and the other saying Cooper was a no good varmint.


Conor laid both arms on the table. Forgetting Mata Hari for a moment, would you agree neither of those two boys is practicing any kind of love at all.


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One comment on “Mata Hari

  1. Anonymous says:

    My grand daddy pointed to a small radio on the end table, “bring me that TV he said.” I said “Gramps that’s a radio not a TV”. He said , ” that’s just my point, you can call it a TV all you want to but it’s still a radio”. That was his view of gay marriage. To him, and the rest of the civilized world, marriage was between a man and a woman. Now he said he didn’t have a problem with 2 people wanting a civil union to be given all the rights that married people get, but marriage was between a man and a woman, and a radio isn’t a TV no matter what anyone says.

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