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The institution of marriage is clearly in trouble. A new poll says nearly four in 10 Americans believe marriage is obsolete.
It seems like the only people who want to get married are gays. And the Republican Party is determined to stop them.
This is disheartening news for the cake, catering, flower and photography industries.


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2 comments on “Marital Woes

  1. dap916 says:

    So, let me get this straight. We should call a union between two gay people “marriage” because not doing so is costing the businesses affected by these kinds of ceremonies money and, ultimately jobs.

    I got it. I mean, “Civil Union” or “Personal Bond” or something of that sort rather than the word “Marriage” makes all the difference, that about it?

    Don’t gays involved in a ceremony where they dedicate their lives to each other and promise to take care of each other and tell each other how much they love one another also get cakes and have a catered dinner and/or reception and buy flowers and have professional photographers come in to take pictures?

    The vast majority of the U.S. citizens are against identifying a union between gays as being “Marriage”. Any other identification is fine…what is it about that people don’t understand? The arguments have all been made…and the beliefs remain the same. It’s not about being “anti-gay”…it’s about a belief.

  2. dap916 says:

    Just as a follow-up on the Gay Marriage issue, here’s the polling site to go to verifying what I’m saying about the feeling on this issue in our country. It’s not just republicans wanting to keep “marriage” just between a man and a woman. is not a polling agency…they just report what the various polls say.

    You’ll have to go through various polls first on the DADT issue then they show the polls about the “marriage” issue.

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