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“To the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write…thou art neither cold nor hot…”
Lukewarm seems to be a political watchword up in Washington when it comes to the war in Libya.
The House just voted down legislation giving President Obama the authority to continue the war – so the House is now officially anti-war. So, what happens? Nothing.
Because next the House voted not to cut off funding for Obama’s war in Libya.
So the House is against the war but for paying for it.
One of the mantra’s of Washington Politics is the best place to be on a tough issue is in the middle where you can do a little something for everyone and not make anyone too mad.
Up in Washington the politicians figure the voters opposed to Obama’s war in Libya will look at their ‘He doesn’t have the authority to bomb Tripoli’ resolution and say, Well, that told him. And some politicians figure the voters who support the war will look at their voting to pay for bombing in Tripoli and say, Well, they gave Obama the green light to go ahead.
What the politicians miss is folks on both sides are now looking at them and saying, Can you believe these guys?


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One comment on “Lukewarm

  1. Carbine says:

    Yeah, these Republicans never change. Lincoln voted against war with Mexico, but not against the funding for it once it was under way.

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