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When the election began Millennials trapped in dead-end jobs faced a choice between a Democrat Washington Politician and a Socialist (who could only come from Vermont) and the Millennials chose the Socialist.

On the other side of the aisle working class families sitting at kitchen tables in small towns staring at stacks of bills faced a choice between a dozen Republican Washington Politicians and Donald Trump and chose Trump.

And that was it: Two tribes of Outsiders fighting two tribes of Washington Politicians.

A year and a half later Trump won, rocking the Old World of Washington Politics to its foundations.  

But, for all their flaws, the Washington Politicians did abide by one rule they’d inherited: Power was divided. And limited. No one man had the power to run the government alone.

Now Trump, heading for Washington to drain the swamp, inherits the same rule. And sharing power with the politicians he defeated may turn out to be his next test.


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