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A troop of determined anti-Klan demonstrators, who’d probably read the News and Observer’s story – based on an Internet website – about a ‘Klansmen for Trump’ rally in Pelham, showed up at 9am to protest. The same day – last Saturday – anti-Klan protestors gathered in Moore Square in Raleigh and across the state.

There was only one problem: Not a single Klansman for Trump showed up anywhere.

Then, about 4pm, a report popped up on the Internet: A caravan of Klansmen had been spotted passing through Roxboro.

But, still, that was as close as the demonstrators or the News and Observer got to a Klansman for Trump – an Internet report. They never laid eyes on a living breathing Klansman.

The next day, on its editorial page, the News and Observer published a column titled: Fight Fake News by Backing Real Journalism.

The column didn’t mention the elusive ‘Klansmen for Trump’ as an example.


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