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Down in an office building in San Antonio there’re over a hundred Internet gnomes working day and night to elect Donald Trump; until now they’ve been flying below the radar screen but the other day they opened their doors and invited Bloomberg News inside and the result was a story that sent a tremor rolling from Texas to the Republican Establishment in Washington.

Bloomberg reported these folks have raised $275 million to elect Trump.

And that, whether Trump wins or loses, the gnomes will end up with one list of 2.5 million Trump contributors and another list of emails of 12 million ‘disenfranchised Trump Republicans.’

Steve Bannon, Trump’s campaign manager, got right down to the bottom line when he told Bloomberg Donald Trump has built the infrastructure for a political movement. A movement that, in Bannon’s words, will win the election and “dominate Republican politics after that.”

The part about ‘winning the election’ sounds a bit like wishful thinking right now – but what about that other part?

They say old soldiers just fade away. But with 2.5 million donors and 12 million ‘disenfranchised Republicans’ he can talk with by clicking a send button, Donald Trump may not fade away.


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