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Here’s a TV viewing tip for those who want to see the right way to do politics and public service.
Wednesday at 7 pm, WRAL will air a one-hour documentary, “State of Mine: The Jim Hunt Story.” It’s narrated by WRAL News anchor David Crabtree and was produced by WRAL News Documentary Producer Clay Johnson. Clay tells me I’ll enjoy it because my interview was taped when I was many years younger.
Clay began working on the project soon after Hunt left the Governor’s Office in 2001, so it has a lot of material from people who are no longer with us. In a release, WRAL said, “In addition to Hunt himself, interview subjects include former key campaign staff, former cabinet members, political strategists who waged campaigns against Hunt, election opponents, personal friends and exclusive interviews with his family members.”
I understand Carter makes an appearance. Can’t wait for that.
Here’s a link. You can see a trailer and a timeline. The full program will be available online after it airs, possibly along with supplemental video.
An aside: Next year will mark 40 years since Hunt was first elected Governor, in 1976. Already, some Huntsters are talking about organizing a Hunt Alumni Reunion next year. Part of the price of admission: Bring along somebody under 40 so they can see the right way to do it.


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