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It’s easy to agree with Donald Trump on trade and spending cuts but then his lips move and the same man who said, I get bigger crowds than Beyoncé, and, Trump University gets an ‘A’ rating from the Better Business Bureau, says, The FBI investigation is a witch hunt.

Without honesty trust withers and without trust a President’s strength withers.

Trump proposes a bill, boasts, growls, tweets, and the House splits into factions – and nothing happens. If a bill limps out of the House, forty-one votes can kill it in the Senate and, again, nothing happens.

Unhappy about the Russia investigation Trump fumed, growled and fired Jim Comey but strength diminished, powers limited, he landed in another mess.

The clamor is unending: Trump tweets, CNN goes berserk, the New York Times erupts and it’s a reality show, obnoxious and entertaining, but it’s not an earthquake. At the end of the day Trump’s still stuck. Nothing earthshaking happened.


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