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When WRAL asked former Governor Jim Hunt about this year’s Democratic governor’s race it was like old times. Hunt opined about the virtues of positive campaigning: Candidates ought to say what they’d do. What they stand for. How they’d move North Carolina forward. (It was like a flashback to thirty years ago.)

Then the governor was asked, Well, what about the negative ads?

And, this time, it sounded like he decided to straddle the fence. Well, he said, Moore was wrong about Perdue’s record on Civil Rights. And Perdue was wrong to say Moore was the pawn of Wallstreet.

Only it didn’t play that way in the press. What played in the press was Hunt saying Moore smeared Perdue on race. Which is truly devastating news for Moore. There’s no one in the Democratic Party more respected than Jim Hunt. He was governor so long there isn’t another Democrat ‘elder statesmen’ around.

If the Democrats watching the charges and counter-charges between Perdue and Moore were the least bit confused or unsure who was shading the truth, the Governor just settled the point.

Richard Moore is guilty.

And if that isn’t enough bad news for Moore, Andy Griffith is on TV saying, ‘Bev Perdue will be a gooood Governor.’

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