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A TAPster says this legislature is like a 15-year-old boy whose parents leave him home alone for the weekend.
If a couple of friends come over and they drink a six-pack, he probably gets away with it.
If he invites the whole high school to a drunken bash that wrecks the house, wakes up the neighbors and attracts the police, he probably never gets trusted with the keys again.
This legislature is headed down the latter path.


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5 comments on “Home Alone

  1. dap916 says:

    Hey, I”M A TAPSTER…I”M A TAPSTER !!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s what I have to say:

    Where have you been all these years, my man????? All of a sudden you are concerned that our legislature is out of whack and going to go all berserk????

    Right on, Gary. Hey, I know, I know, if the voters in our state would have just kept the democrats in control of our state government, everything would have been just A-Okay….just like it has been for all those decades democrats have been in control in the past. Yeppers! Youbetcha!!!!

    The republicans have kind of coined a phrase I think applies here to all of those people that think what you’re saying is right. It’s “low information voter”.

    But, so far, nationally, the democrats have been able to reach these people and they’ve been duped into believing republicans caused everything wrong in our country. And, folks like you are working extremely hard to reach those same folks in our state so that you can dupe them into believing everything that is wrong now and will be wrong in the future is…yep, the republicans’ fault.

    Might work. But, a whole lot of us just see what you’re doing as wrong and totally politically motivated. It might help the democrats politically but your all-out assault on the republican leadership in our state will do nothing but hurt our citizens…especially the low-to-middle income residents in North Carolina that your party pretends to want to help in the first place.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    I have been writing many articles on INEQUALITY IN AMERICA and how Wall Street ultra rich, since 1980, gained control of most of our Wealth, Major Corporations, Media, Banks, Congress and White House.
    I write that today American are unaware of this redistribution of wealth and income that threatens our democracy. Many economists, including former Fed Chairman Greenspan and current chairman Bernanke, have expressed concern over it. it.
    Today, 1% own 43% of Total Financial Wealth; 10% own 70%; 20% own 93%; and 80% or 120,000,000 workers own a measly 7%. Since 1980, the top 1% got an increase of 281% in Income and the middle 20% got 25% or less than inflation.
    From 2001-2007, the top 1% got two thirds of Total Income Growth and 90% (139,000,000 workers) got 12%. In 2009, the top 1% got 24% of the total individual income. I call it a third world distribution or a banana republic.
    I conclude that this redistribution since 1980 occurred due to many incremental changes and government policies deliberately designed for Wall Street which permitted it to become the worldโ€™s largest gambling Casino instead of adding Jobs and Value to the middle class majority standard of living.

  3. Carbine says:

    A lot of TAPsters think that Gary’s like a 15 year old boy left alone with a laptop every week. A least that’s the impression a lot of his posts, including this one, leave the reader.

  4. dap916 says:

    Our guy swinney here is either an immigrant that doesn’t have a good grasp of our language or is the poster boy for our public education system. ๐Ÿ™‚

    He presents his posts here with broken English and presents figures with nothing to show how they’re actually factual and correct (which I maintain they are not, of course). It’s entertaining, however. I have to give him that.

  5. dap916 says:

    So, swinney, what would you like to see in America? Are you wanting government to make sure that there are no people that have great wealth? Are you wanting the government to take the money and financial holdings from the most successful in our country and redistributing it among those that are less fortunate and less successful? Is that how you believe we can see people having “equal” and “fair” amounts of prosperity in America?

    Tell us how you think financial “equality” can be achieved in America. That would be very informative. You bitch and moan and complain here on TAP about how there is so much “INEQUALITY” in America. Well, how to you believe that can be changed?


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