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It’s an argument I’ve heard for 40 years: “Southern Democrats, meet your future: No more Republican lite.”
That’s the headline on a recent article by Bob Moser, Senior Editor at the National Journal. He wrote, “Candidates like (Kay) Hagan are stuck between the past, when Southern Democrats’ recipe for victory involved courting white moderates and conservatives, and a future in which they’ll be able to successfully campaign as full-throated, national-style Democrats.”
Call me a curmudgeon. But put me down as skeptical. As much as my heart wants to believe it, my head and my gut tell me that is no better advice today than it was 10, 20 or 40 years ago.
It gains credence because Obama carried North Carolina in 2008 and narrowly lost it in 2012. But his candidacy was an outlier, fueled by the history-making opportunity to elect and reelect an African-American President. Also, Obama, as candidate and President, hasn’t always been a “full-throated” liberal.
North Carolina remains a moderate and, yes, even conservative state. No, Democrats will not get many, if any, votes from conservative whites. But they need votes with people who have some moderate and even conservative parts in their political makeup.
North Carolina’s electorate today is nearly equally divided between natives and newcomers. Natives, no matter how liberal on some issues, still can be conservative on issues like spending and the role of government and sometimes on social issues.  They’re for Good Government, but not necessarily always Big Government. Newcomers are generally liberal on social issues and human issues like education and health care. But they too bring a healthy skepticism about government and all big institutions.
Most telling: If people really loved “full-throated, national-style Democrats,” wouldn’t they register that way? They don’t. They register as Independents, even voters who registered just so they could vote for Obama.
Maybe you wish it wasn’t true. But wishing doesn’t make it true.


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2 comments on “GOP Lite or Real Dems?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought all liberals thought wishing made things true. Do they really live in reality. I don’t think I care to say what Democrats really need to do to have Kay Hagen win. I would however feel comfortable in saying that even if she loses the winner is part Democrat and will do everything he can do to help the Democratic agenda. No doubt N.C. has changed some from the old days, Hunt and Helms, and a lot of the change has moved in from other states. You gotta ask yourself one question. Why have so many people picked N.C. to move to from the Northeast, which is where most of them hail. Could be they saw what the Unions, and leftist government did to the Northeast and they wanted out. The logical conclusion is that they would not want to do to N.C. what was done to their former home. Now you can cater to whomever you want.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It has been quite a few years since there was such a thing as a conservative southern Democrat. That critter has been extinct for a while. There simply are no more Alton Lennons or L.H.Fountains or B. Everette Jordans or Joe Mavretics in the Democrat Party anymore. Instead, there are a handful of opportunists who call themselves ”Blue Dogs”, pound puppies who would occaisionally vote conservative to try to put on a facade, but who all voted liberal on the big issues they were called upon like Obamacare. The Blue Dogs were never conservative, just opportunist, and they are becoming extinct, too. Most Democrats in the south are full blown liberals like Kay Hagan. Oh, they do all they can to hide it, but all you have to do is look at their voting records on important issues. Sure, when Harry Reid or Barack Obama has enough cushion in their vote majority, they do sometimes allow people like Hagan a pass to vote conservative just to disguise what she really is, but if they need her vote, she will be just as liberal as her mentor Chuck Schumer. If there was one issue which smoked out these phonies, it was Obamacare. If you look at how often Hagan votes with Obama and votes with Harry Reid, she is in virtual lockstep with them.

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