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Carter, if you and I are going to start being all reasonable with each other, we’re going to lose our readers!
Your response poses a question I can’t begin to answer: How will Muslims around the world interpret it if we let the Islamic community center go up?
(Though I would be happy to share with you the commission on a poll to find out.)
Amid all this rancorous debate, I read a perfectly reasonable statement recently – and I unfortunately can’t recall the source – about why we should let them build it: “Because most Muslims aren’t terrorists.”


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One comment on “Gary Responds to Carter's Response

  1. dap916 says:

    “Because most Muslims aren’t terrorists”. Yep….that’s why we should be okie dokie with building this mosque next to Ground Zero. I mean, hey, no problem with those Muslims that the Imam said would take offense to us not allowing that and would do us harm if we did that. I mean, hey, let’s just ignore that threat. Let’s just cower down to that kind of threat. Yep, that’s what America is all about. We’re cower downers. We cringe at threats like that. Well…..that’s what we’re telling those muslim terrorists we’re like now.

    Of course the majority of Muslims are peaceful and don’t want to cause harm to America, Gary. We’re not worried about those Muslims. We’re worried about those Muslims that DO want to cause harm to us. You know, like the ones that ALREADY HAVE caused harm to us.

    Your “Because most Muslims aren’t terrorists” theory of why it’s okay to build the mosque next to Ground Zero is such a ludicrous defense of this slap in the face to those that were killed in that attack by MUSLIM TERRORISTS it makes me sick to even think I’m responding to someone that truly believes that.

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