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Harry Reid’s new ad is hardball with a thud. Here’s Reid’s story in a nutshell: He says Thom Tillis shared an apartment with his Chief of Staff, who had an affair with a married lobbyist, and then resigned. And Tillis said he knew nothing. Then, a week later, another Tillis staffer resigned after having had an affair with a lobbyist. And Tillis gave both aides severance pay.

What could Tillis say? He couldn’t contest the facts. They’d been reported in the newspapers. And he couldn’t debate the policy. How could he defend giving severance pay to aides he, himself, said acted improperly.
He might have said, I made a mistake. But didn’t.
Instead he announced to the press, “Harry Reid hit the panic button.” And blasted Reid for meddling in the Republican Primary.
That’s called the old bait and switch. But it won’t cut the mustard.
This time, Harry Reid’s tackled Thom Tillis’ judgment head-on. And, unless Tillis comes up with an answer, that’s a game changer.


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One comment on “Game Changer

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is Reid’s connection to N.C. politics ? Seems like Washington, and Nevada are a few miles away from his area of devastation. Not that I am a Tillis fan, just wondered how the Reid Miester got connected here.

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