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This came as a surprise: Iraq’s new Prime Minister does not want American troops in Iraq. They’re not welcome. And, he says, not needed.
It’s tempting, since Prime Minister al-Abadi figures he can whip ISIS on his own, to just say, Yes, sir. We’re out of here. But, on the other hand, we landed in this mess because ISIS whipped the entire Iraqi army hands down (and took Mosul and some dam and half the country).
From there, Iraqi politics gets even more confusing. Or, maybe, cleverer.

Where the U.S. should attack ISIS, al-Abadi suggested, is Syria.
Now that’s not as straightforward as it sounds: Because it turns out our allies the Iraqis are also allied with our enemy the Syrians, and not just allied – our Iraqi friends have been meeting with our enemy Bashar Assad  in Damascus to figure out how to work together to whip ISIS which is attacking both of them.
And that’s not all: It turns out our ally Iraq is also allied with our enemy Iran — which is helping al-Abadi by sending ‘Shiite militias’ to whip Sunni ISIS.
In fact the other day in Paris, where we were busily at work building a coalition to whip ISIS, al-Abadi held a press conference and said he found it puzzling we hadn’t invited Iran to join us then added, That puts me as prime minister of Iraq in a very difficult position.
It’s a heck of a muddle. Our friends are allied with our enemies, one set of our enemies is attacking another set of our enemies, and we’re not welcomed in Iraq where we don’t want to be anyway.  
As they used to say in World War II: It’s pure FUBAR.



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One comment on “FUBAR

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a great Front Page post, Carter. It pretty much tells the story about what’s going on in this ISIS thingy and all over the Middle East.

    In my considered opinion, we should let all of those countries and factions fight it out among themselves and let the chips lie where they lay. By us getting involved, it just gives the severe radical Islamists one more reason to come here and start blowing stuff up and killing tens of thousands of our citizens.

    I scratched my head when we got involved in Iraq initially and I scratch my head now with the exact opposite party with an exact opposite mindset going there again pounding our chest and blowing a bunch of stuff up and killing thousands of radicals and…..well, you get the picture.

    For every radical Islamist we kill, there are two more behind them to take their place. This is NOT something we should continue to be involved in. How many liberal/progressive politicians and leaders and pundits have busted GW’s balls over getting involved in the ME only to have their guy Obama doing exactly the same thing?

    What a joke. The only difference is that the media isn’t presenting all the negative rhetoric and spin against Obama for doing this like they did against Dubya.

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