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Sean is Irish and Catholic and decades ago his great-grandfather was an immigrant; after he (Sean) graduated from Fordham and married and worked a stint in White Plains, New York, he moved to Raleigh where he now lives and earns $175,000 a year.

Sean doesn’t have one ideological bone in his body and partisan politics has only touched him once – as a word he checked on a form the day he registered to vote in Raleigh. He thought briefly of registering Republican but the culture of southern Republican politics seemed peculiar to him so he registered Independent.

He sees government as a boondoggle and the taxes he pays take money out of his pocket but, still, he’s amenable to paying the taxes when they support the schools his three children attend.

Last election he voted for Mitt Romney but this election he’s Undecided – he loathes Hillary; he saw politicians like her in New York. He’s never seen a politician like Trump but he’s seen plenty of wheeler-dealers playing every angle for a dollar so he loathes Trump too and trapped between those two loathings he’s not just Undecided he’s rock hard frozen in place Undecided and he’s got Republican strategists scratching their heads and wondering, What’s he going to do?

Is he going to stay home on Election Day? If he does that spells doom not just for Trump but for Republicans down ballot who need his vote.

Will he vote for a third party candidate like Gary Johnson? Or decide to vote but skip the Presidential election?

Both choices spell disaster for Trump but Sean’s votes for the Republicans further down the ballot could save them.

Could Trump find the magic to ease Sean’s loathing enough to win his vote? Can Hillary? Neither seems likely – but stranger things have happened.

Sean’s an archetype – there’re thousands of Seans trapped and frozen.

It’s the biggest mystery in politics: How will Sean the Independent with no ideology and no partisanship who voted for Romney, vote on Election Day?


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