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A year and a half ago – when the election began – the Democrat Washington Politicians battled the Democratic Outsiders and the Republican Washington Politicians fought the Republican Outsiders.

So where are the four tribes now?

Hillary’s gone. But both the Democratic Washington Politicians and the Democratic Outsiders are carefully watching Trump waiting for him to stumble.

The Republican Washington Politicians have pledged allegiance to Trump – an alliance that is sure to survive as long as Trump remains popular (or, at least, remains popular with Republican voters).

And Trump, himself?

As a candidate Donald Trump played by a new set of rules. He was smart and strong and ruthless – but also vain and vulgar. And it worked. He won. And now in Washington – determined to drain the swamp – he still plays by his new rules.

But when Trump took the oath of office he inherited an old rule: In Washington, power is divided. And limited. No one has the power to run the government alone.

Time will tell… but the next fight between Trump and the other Three Tribes may be about power.


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