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Well, Gary, at least no one can say we’ve gotten more close minded as we’ve gotten older: Here you are (Putting Pocketbooks First – below) saying Republican Representative and lawyer Leo Daughtry voted against ‘Med-Mal Caps’ to protect his own legal fees and here I am saying, Hold on – you’re following the wrong money in the wrong direction.
Last Wednesday twenty-one Republican legislators voted – including Leo Daughtry – to amend the ‘Med-Mal Cap’ bill, in order to protect people who suffer permanent, life-changing injuries like disfigurement, paralysis or loss of a limb. Fifteen were not lawyers. And Leo Daughtry doesn’t handle Medical Malpractice cases.
Here’s a different story of ‘follow the money’: Over the last two elections, top House and Senate Republicans have taken $900,000 in contributions from the Medical Society and its compatriots and, now, those same legislators are pushing a bill to give amnesty to negligent doctors who commit malpractice in the ER and to dictate jury awards to protect other negligent doctors.
This time, if you follow the money, it doesn’t lead to lawyers it leads to politicians.


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One comment on “Follow the Money

  1. Reaganite says:

    Funny, Carter, I see an entirely different money trail here, and it leads to paid pundits. At first you posted based on your longtime conservative principles, then you posted frequently on the interests of your clients the home care providers, which usually corresponded with conservative principles. Now, however, you are the paid mouthpiece of the very leftwing and very partisan Democrat organization of Trial Laawyers and you are attacking Republicans. Are your thiry pieces of silver worth it, Carter?

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