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Explaining that his chances of winning reelection look dim, this morning Democratic Congressman Brad Miller announced he will not run.
About an hour later Governor Beverly Perdue explained that, because the one thing she cares most about is schoolchildren (who, she added, are victims of Republican legislators cutting spending), she’s not running either.
Follow the logic:
Brad Miller says he won’t run because he’ll probably lose.
Bev Perdue says she won’t run because she’s fighting for school children.
You have to appreciate Brad Miller’s candor.



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One comment on “Follow the Logic

  1. Carbine says:

    There is no doubt that Perdue was promised something big from the Obama administration/campaign. Unfortunately the only way we will ever learn what that was is if Barry is re-elected.

    That’s too high a price to pay for an interesting but ultimately useless factoid.

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