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Take a deep breath. It will be over in eight days. And it will be a long week.

It’s fitting that the longest, meanest and ugliest election in history comes on the latest date possible, November 8. Just to prolong our agony.

Now the future of the republic rests with the fickle five percent or so of voters who are still undecided. Some of them, believe it or not, are just tuning in.

They’ll figure the choice is between a woman who mishandled emails and a man who manhandles and humiliates women.

Speaking of emails, it’s always a thrill a minute with the Clintons.

Over time, they’ve been as good at getting out of these crises as they are at getting into them. Their usual strategy is to attack the accuser, be it Gennifer Flowers or James Comey.

Comey deserves his come-uppance. He drops this last-minute bomb about emails that may or may not be “pertinent” to the FBI investigation?

The election should be decided by the American people, not by the FBI and the KGB.



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