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Here’s a heck of a thing: The Community Colleges are overcrowded, there’s a shortage of funds and classrooms, and the head of the Community College system has just ordered all fifty-eight campuses to admit illegal immigrants.


Well, the Community Colleges’ Lawyer has discovered a 1997 ruling by then Attorney General (now-Governor) Mike Easley that says Community Colleges can’t use something called ‘non-academic’ criteria to determine who they admit. Not admitting someone because they’re here illegally is a ‘non-academic’ decision.

What did the Governor have to say about all this? He based the buck. “You’re going to have to ask the current Attorney General that,” said Sherri Johnson, his communications director.

So, now, by default, the Easley Administration has a new policy: Providing college educations to illegal immigrants. If anyone ever wanted a clear example of the difference between having a Democratic versus a Republican Governor (or State House or Senate) – it’s hard to imagine one.

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