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Now and then in politics, you feel the ground shudder beneath your feet. The world isn’t shaking yet, but the tectonic plates are grinding, the pressure is growing and something big is coming.

So it is these last couple of days.

In the Senate, the Republican promise to repeal Obamacare collapses.

In the White House, Trump World continues to collapse as the Mooch unleashes a profane public tirade at fellow staffers, just as his boss tweets tirades against his own Attorney General.

Even the Boy Scouts flee for higher ground.

In North Carolina, new legislative districts and new elections loom.

Through 40 years in politics, I’ve seen landslides. I’ve ridden them to victory, and I’ve been buried beneath them.

Electoral earthquakes happen when marginal voters on one side are mad, motivated and mobilized, like Democrats today, and when marginal voters on the other side are divided, dispirited and disappointed, like Republicans today.

Then the earth moves.


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