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You’ll need to tell me tomorrow if Trump was “presidential.” I’m not ruining an evening watching him. Surely there’s a quality basketball game on ESPN.

Apparently, “presidential” means “reading a Teleprompter without drooling, attacking somebody or grabbing a porn star.”

The real State of the Union (“Uniom?”) question is whether Trump and his zealous Javerts in Congress will precipitate a constitutional crisis over the Russia-collusion investigation that dwarfs Nixon, Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, the Plumbers and “The Post.”

Worst case, Trump does a Nixon helicopter evacuation or is removed from office. Yes, worst case. We Democrats need him in the White House. We can beat him in 2020. And we can use him as a club to beat any Republican anywhere in 2018, especially if they run more sexual predators like in Alabama.

Right here in North Carolina, we could win back the legislature. Then, just like the Republicans, we can jettison all these high-minded promises to do away with gerrymandering. We’ll fix districts so we can run things for decades to come.

That’s apparently how the game is played now. Play ball. And don’t take a knee.


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